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Monday, February 1, 2010

South Park

Thomas Cline

Some adults think that kids find the typical TV comedies funny: 30 Rock, Leno, and Chuck. The truth is that this “safe” TV humor really sucks. Ask anyone at Newman and they will vouch that South Park is far, far, far more hilarious. The main reasons for this favoritism is the fact that South Park has more swearing than most shows, absurd imagery, crazy characters, and satirical views of problems throughout the world. Newman students love it.

Knowing each character and how they act is crucial knowledge should you decide to talk about South Park to a Newman student. For instance, if someone mentions one of the ways that Kenny dies, and there are a lot, you laugh at it because it always happens and Kenny is always somehow back for the next episode. Also, do not bring up any of the enlightening moments from Stan or Kyle. One of the quotes that I think of most is one that Kyle said, “I think that parents only get so offended by television because they rely on it as a babysitter and the sole educator of their kids.” The students of Cardinal Newman are likely not going to understand it because those insights were often directed at Cartman. Cartman, being himself, would not understand it and either be angered by it, say whatever, or laugh at it. In this case, Cartman stated how his mother lets him watch whatever he wants. This is extremely ironic considering how the characters act. Newman students, if faced with one of the insights, will mock whoever brought it up because they see it as a joke, not something philosophical.

Newman students especially like South Park because it has brought up many sensitive and controversial issues. Whether it had to do with disabled people, religions, stereotypes, political figures, or otherwise, South Park has or will make fun of it in some way. For instance, most, if not all, students who watch South Park had watched or played the Pokémon shows or games when they were younger. South Park creators made an episode revolving around the children’s obsession with the Japanese franchise “Chinpokémon”. Through their obsession they were made into suicide bombers for Japan. Newman students who have watched that episode will remember it at the mention of “Chinpokémon” and have a good laugh. South Park constantly looks at the current media and draws their satire from it. If it’s been on the news, it may be on South Park.

It is important to remember that should you mention South Park to a Newman student (and expect to hold an actual conversation about it) you should make sure that you have watched the most recent episode. This will show that you are keeping up with the series. You should also go back and watch some of the older episodes to prove that you did not just start watching as a hope to fit in. Having watched more episodes should help because it will give you a wider choice of options should South Park enter the conversation. Certain episodes, such as Ladder to Heaven, Simpsons Did It, Cartman at Fat Camp, and Jesus Fighting Satan, are must sees because they are classics to Newman students’. The most memorable episode was probably the 3-part Imaginationland special. In the episodes, the boys discover that there is a land where whatever anyone has imagined is real. Among other things, terrorists invade and man-bear-pig escapes. In the end, Kyle losses a bet he didn't think he could and does not hold up his end so Cartman imagines it so (To see what demonic thing Cartman had envisioned and what Kyle does, you’ll just have to watch it, it is too funny for the blog).

If none of that is working, you may need to resort to Cartman quotes. Cartman is most remembered for the things he has said. Some of his most famous phrases include: “Kyle you Jew!” “Respect my authoority”and, “Sweeet”. If none of these work you have 3 options left: “Hey do you like fish sticks?” “Oh my God, they killed Kenny!” and finally, “Screw you guys, I’m going home.” Any of those phrases will bring a smile to a Cardinal Newman student’s face.

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  1. 1st ¶ - should remove "this" in "that this "safe" TV humor really sucks"
    2nd ¶ - should omit "i think of most" so you dont show thy presence
    3rd ¶ - "otherwise" in "...disabled people, religions, stereotypes, political figures, or otherwise" sounds weirdly placed. Doesn't sound right to me :P
    Also werent they kamikaze pilots, not suicide bombers? I mean the concepts are similar, but one involves crashing a plane.
    Instead of, "...been on the news, it may be on South Park." you should make it so "...been on the news, it will be on South Park." (for more emphasis)
    4th ¶"Among other things, terrorists invade and man-bear-pig escapes." Vague sentence is vague; need to make sure it refers to where terrorists invade (idc if sentence is right after the one about imaginationland). Also some people might not know wat a manbearpig is (btw, its also one word).

    " is too funny for the blog)." or too innapropriate 8)

    You could probably fit a hyperlink and relate this to Ben Buse's immature comedies, cuz South park is a similar concept

    k thx bai
    Also, the game


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