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Monday, February 1, 2010

Crew Socks

Zack Reyes

As Spring time approaches, Cardinal Newman students will begin wearing their spring time jean, cargo, or plaid shorts to school in lieu of the very common blue jeans. Shorts allow Cardinal Newman students to show off the widely popular crew socks.

The combination of crew socks and shorts have become the newest trend around the Cardinal Newman campus and can also be occasionally seen at the Ursuline campus as well. The brand of crew socks worn with shorts are either Vans or Nikes; no other brands of crew socks are acceptable on the Newman campus. Sometimes students will even combine two different colored socks together in attempt to complete an outfit or to appear original and creative.

Crew socks became increasingly popular when teenagers around Sonoma County began wearing crew Vans and Nike socks and the trend has rapidly swept the students of Cardinal Newman. The combination of shorts and crew socks can be seen everywhere on campus on hot and sometimes even on rainy days. The decision to wear or to not wear crew socks is based on personal preference among the Cardinal Newman students; whether you want to fit in and be cool, or want to be a dork and an outcast.

There are a few reasons as to why crew socks have become increasingly popular on the Newman campus. One reason is because of the large population of jocks that wear crew socks. Another reason why Newman students wear crew socks is they want to show off their “special” brand name socks which reveals that they are rich which Newman students love. A third reason why Newman students wear crew socks is they like to fit in and be like everyone else, and want to be recognized by their fellow classmates for their fashionable new socks.

Crew socks can now also be seen on both the Newman basketball court and the Newman football field. This makes you wonder how far Newman students will take this crew sock trend and when or if it will ever end. Just in case this trend never leaves, I would go out and buy some crew socks if you want to fit in at Cardinal Newman. The days of ankle and low socks are over and the days of crew socks have begun and don’t seem to be leaving anytime soon.

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