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Monday, February 1, 2010

Music Piracy

Tomas Zegarra

“So I downloaded a couple thousand songs off the Internet, Who hasn’t? Who hasn’t?” Those were the words of actor Anthony Anderson to a Sector 7 agent in the movie Transformers, indicating that in many parts of America, people still pirate music. CN students are no different than most of America, we like “illegal” music downloads.

For those of you who don’t know what it is, pirating music is illegally getting music for free, most of which come from programs on the Internet including the infamous LimeWire. It is so easy to save money by getting stuff for free because you know that songs on itunes are like $1.99 now! So right now your thinking, “This is great, I finally don’t have to pay for something.” However, what most people don’t take into account is the high risk their computer is being exposed to by using such pirating programs, trust me, we’ve seen them and CN students are scarred for life.

Don’t worry about the FBI getting on your case, no heavily armed agents are going to come to your house, take you to a dark room somewhere and interrogate you for information. On the contrary, the worst case is we will get a letter threatening insult if you don’t pay a few thousand dollars for your “stolen” tracks, nothing we can’t lose right? These are the main motives for why Cardinal Newman Students pirate music.

The men of Cardinal Newman High School make up a small portion of that population, why? There are many different answers to this question and a main one is that downloading music is so easy and cheap. Sure CN students spend hours practicing sports and doing homework but cant take thirty minutes and go buy a CD or to buy a itunes gift card. We would say it’s too much of an effort, but then again, we are in high school, what do you expect?

If you come by Cardinal Newman, you‘ll see at least 30 or more guys listening to their iPods or iPhones before and after school. Trust us, most those songs they did no buy, they just won’t admit it because we don’t want to be seen as not being rich enough to buy music . We like it because it‘s easy and we save a lot of money while taking only a few minor risks. CN students don’t mind taking the risks, download a couple thousand songs for free, because it’s not like your going to go to jail right, and if we did, no big deal, at least we would get out of school.

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