These essays are an exercise in the use of satire, hyperbole, and overstatement by developing writers.
They are intended to be humorous, not offensive. Read them closely; take them lightly.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Posting Directions

Ryan Smith

Here are your blog post directions. First, log in using my email address ( and the password shared with you in class.

Second, click "New Post" under the first blog "Stuff Newman...".

Next, insert your title; use only the topic of your essay.

Type your name at the top of the box. Then, copy and past your essay just below your name. Delete the tab at the beginning of each paragraph and separate each paragraph with a space. Make your post look like my directions. You must use the default font.

Add an image. Find one in another browser window, copy the address, and come back here and click the little picture button between the spell check and video buttons. Insert the web address. Use the default formatting with will make it fit in the top right corner of your post. If the picture turns out to be much bigger than mine, click the picture once it has been added to this box and make it smaller by dragging one of the corner white boxes.

To create a hyperlink the other person's post must be up. Click on the title of his post, copy that web address, come back to your post, highlight the reference to another post, click the button with two links above a green circle, and past in the web address. I did it here: Ugg Boots and Hugs by Lucas Bilbro.

Lastly, click the spell check button to make you last revision if it is needed. I will change the log in soon, but if you need to get back in to make changes to your post you can do it for the next week.